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HuddleCam, HC-JOY-G3-N Add PSU

HuddleCam, HC-JOY-G3-N Add PSU

PTZOptics HC-JOY-G3 Joystick
Product details
PTZ Controller with Joystick
Introducing the re-designed HC-JOY-G3 PTZ joystick controller. This third generation joystick includes everything you loved about our 2nd generation joystick control with signifigant improvements for user experiences.

Making live production easier for remote camera operators around the world. This PTZ joystick controller has been designed to simplify the most important elements of PTZ camera control. This joystick includes clearly defined areas for camera switching, PTZ preset management, and camera settings access. This joystick has been designed with the novice in mind, while still providing professionals with the advanced, fast-action response times required for high-end production. Built with a sturdy metal case, this PTZ joystick controller is built to last and perform it’s dedicated task of reliable PTZ camera control.

This PTZ joystick controller is designed for pan, tilt, and zoom control of SONY VISCA and PELCO-P/D compatible PTZ cameras. This Pan, tilt and zoom keyboard with joystick controller is ideal for PTZOptics cameras used with serial joystick cabling (see here). This joystick controller can connect to most PTZ cameras with an 8-pin mini-din connection using a DB9 to 8-pin mini-din connection cable. If you would like to control multiple cameras with this joystick you can connect additional cameras using a daisy-chain method. The first PTZ camera connected to this joystick controller would require the DB9 to 8-pin mini-din cable, the subsequent cameras would use RS-232 VISCA Cascade cabling. PTZ camera cascade cabling is used to connect 8-pin mini-din out ports on PTZOptics cameras to subsequent cameras in the daisy-chain. This method of daisy-chaining multiple PTZ cameras with a serial PTZ joystick controller like is ideal because there is no need for “home run” cable runs to each camera.
Tip: Setup pan limits to restrict camera operators from moving outside a given area. Set up boundaries limits for fast-moving sports games like Basketball and Hockey. In this way, your camera operators can quickly move to the left or right without ever “overshooting” the game space boundaries.

Tip: Lower tilt limits when tracking presenters on stage. If your camera operators are mainly concerned with a left to right movement, avoid accidentally tilting the camera up or down by reducing the camera’s motor speeds for this action.
If you would like to gain IP camera control over your PTZOptics cameras consider our IP Joystick. IP connectivity has additional benefits including the ability to control your cameras with video production software such as vMix, Wirecast, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), MimoLive or a NewTek Tricaster.

Updated Design

We have redesigned this PTZ joystick controller based on your feedback. This controller now feature 6 buttons for quickly switching between cameras and advanced controls for opening up the cameras OSD (On Screen Display) menu.

Easy Setup

The 3rd generation Serial Joysticks could not be easier to setup. No need to an ethernet based network. Use the included serial camera cabling (or extension cabling) for best in industry zero latency PTZ camera controls.
Product Summary
Brand HuddleCam
SKU 10260425
Manu Part # HC-JOY-G3-N
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