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Nintendo, Harvest Moon One World

Nintendo, Harvest Moon One World

Nintendo Harvest Moon: One World Basic English Nintendo Switch
Product details
Begin your new life, with a whole world to explore!
Manage a growing farm while exploring a world of adventure, diverse cultures and friendship in Harvest Moon: One World on Nintendo Switch.

A paradise lost
Once, long ago, a world rich in resources flourished under the auspices of the Harvest Goddess. Creatures great and small thrived across its verdant landscape. Fruits and vegetables grew in abundance all year round. However, its people, once grateful for the blessing of the Harvest Goddess, lost their respect for nature. The Bountiful Soil was lost from this world and with it, the goddess's power. Still, she believed that one day the Bountiful Soil would be revived by a fateful hand…

Reap what you sow
Grab your pitchfork and get stuck into agricultural life as you harvest crops and tend to the animals on your fledgling farm. Earn money from selling your wares and grow your humble homestead into a thriving estate!

One world
A world of adventure awaits! Your journey will take you through five seamlessly connected regions with vastly different climates, each boasting their own unique flora and fauna.

Putting down roots
The state-of-the-art Expando-Farm can be packed up and taken with you to pastures new! The people of each region have adapted their farming practices to survive their native climate. To prosper in your new home, you’ll need to pick up the skills of the local culture – maintaining healthy pastures, cultivating rice, taking care of reindeer and more!

Cropping up
Potatoes are the one remaining crop in this once bountiful world. To get hold of new seed varieties, you’ll need the help of the Harvest Wisps, but they aren’t always easy to find…
Seeds may also grow differently depending on where you plant them, leading to fresh crop discoveries!

Seeds of friendship
Throughout your adventure, you’ll meet and help out a host of interesting characters. Make new friends and attend local festivals as you become an integral part of the community.

Woo one of five handsome bachelors or five beautiful bachelorettes to tie the knot and start your own family!

Creativity in spades
Express your individuality as you customise your character’s appearance and craft items for your home!
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Brand Nintendo
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