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Lenovo Education Campaign landing page
Rugged & secure
With anchor keys, reinforced LCD glass, and protection from impact and spillages, Lenovo devices are built to withstand drops, knocks and heavy usage.
Manage classes remotely
Powerful software such as Microsoft Teams helps teachers support and direct learning wherever they, or their pupils, are.
Next-gen security
Protect users from inappropriate content, remotely track and lock lost or stolen devices, and provide end-to-end security to protect your school’s network.
Lenovo devices powered by Microsoft Education solutions facilitate learning beyond the classroom, helping pupils to flourish and teachers to provide the best support possible.
Expect the unexpected
Great teachers have the ability to unleash boundless creativity in their students. Smarter solutions from Lenovo help provide students unexpected experiences that delight and inspire their imagination, but do not disrupt them.

We want educators to expect and facilitate the unexpected when they engage students with our products. Learners may be hurtling through space in a virtual reality experience, collaborating on a ThinkPad with students on two continents, or creating a piece in WeVideo on a ThinkStation—all of which have the potential to transform learners and inspire them in unimagined ways. Our education vertical and research and development teams are future focused—developing cutting edge products with the input of educators worldwide to ensure that innovation is constant. We expect the unexpected.

Our focus is to help teachers today that are preparing students for jobs and careers that are yet to be imagined. Let Lenovo be your trusted partner in this evolving and essential landscape.
Solutions for Education

Education has been forced into a new way of working. Educators are tasked with realigning curriculums to suit remote and online learning, while students are having to adapt to learning outside the classroom. As the world’s leading provider of education technology, Lenovo knows that steady technology leadership is critical to ensuring education institutions to stay responsive to these always-evolving, real-world challenges
Automate your PC provisioning
Higher Education Institutions like yours are striving to implement IT strategies that ensure high-quality education experiences for all students with minimal disruptions. Education CIOs are investing in IT services that improve student success, digitalise classrooms and maximise learning time. Some of the biggest challenges faced are cost optimisation and IT process simplification.
Windows 10 transition services
Shift risks to the Lenovo experts to Identify, test, and remedy application incompatibilities between Windows 10 and previously installed operating systems.
Protect your assets
A top objective of the Educators is finding new ways to drive process efficiencies while challenged with limited IT resources and increasing security concerns. Educators like you are outsourcing to service providers to meet their IT needs and relieve their overburdened internal teams. Learn how Lenovo can help.
Warranty and Protection
K-12 and Higher Education Organizations are striving to minimize classroom disruptions and maximize student learning time. Lenovo Support and Protect bundles can help your students and teachers resume learning as soon as possible without significant down time, in the event of a hardware failure or malfunction.
Absolute Software

Make learning unbreakable. Absolute Software enables safer, smarter, and more secure learning.

Free up time for IT staff with Zero touch enrolment deployment such as Autopilot and InTune. Devices arrive configured and ready to go.

Web Filtering and safe search online with LightSpeed. Protection for students a priority in and outside of the classroom.
Assets tracking and Recovery

Absolute Software, Asset Recovery services, Asset Tagging. This provides piece of mind for lost devices.

Easy to deploy and manage key student devices in and out of the classroom. Help manage classroom behaviour, engagement and pace of learning.
Lenovo stands apart
Driven by a passion for exploration, innovation, connectivity and productivity, Lenovo helps colleges and universities keep pace with evolving demands and dynamics.

As a pioneer of classroom management software, LanSchool has been placing purposeful technology in the hands of passionate educators for over 30 years. Our simple classroom orchestration solutions empower educators to inspire developing minds. The suite of solutions enables engaging one-on-one learning experiences and powerful collaboration in connected classrooms.
Built for your growth
Implemented through cloud-based or local hosting and compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome and mixed device environments, our solutions meet the needs of your technical environment — and help you scale.
Driven by innovation
Experience new products and evolving, cloud-optimized feature sets — including messaging capabilities, screen sharing and safety filters — that help educators make the most of class time.
Designed for simplicity
Easy installation with onboarding assistance and built-in features means classrooms are quickly connected — saving time for IT and teaching staff.