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Latest Research
EdTech best practices to boost learning outcomes.
Exemplary educators, schools, leaders and students from around the world.
Education Consulting
Designing needs-based implementation plans.
Professional Development
Training to get results from day one onward.

The future of education is interactive.

There’s a SMART display for every classroom. Discover a range of high-quality interactive displays engineered for the simplicity teachers want. Easy to deploy and support, they’re a solid investment for any EdTech budget.

Connect your devices and classroom technology, optimise remote learning and get students engaged – all while inspiring learners and teachers with powerful teaching tools and world-leading interactive education technology.

The Smartest SMART Board – 6000S
Cutting-edge technology at a competitive price, for more connected classrooms and engaging learning. SMART Board 6000S’s ease of use brings capability to the classroom without complexity, for a proven return on your technology investment. Plus, it’s simple to deploy and support, which means a lower total cost of ownership.

The key to collaborative learning – MX Series
Teachers want simplicity, and the SMART Board MX delivers. Easily connect devices, content and learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. And with a SMART Board that’s easy to deploy and support, you achieve return on your technology investment and a lower total cost of ownership.

Get started with interactivity – New GX Series
New for 2021! The SMART Board GX series gives you all the basics you need to get started with interactivity – at an incredibly affordable price. The GX series includes powerful teaching tools and a simple user experience. Connect devices, content and interactive learning in ways you’ve only imagined.