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EO Hub - Devolo
devolo - world leading pioneer and market leader in powerline home networking. Founded and engineered in Germany since 2002; commitment to technical excellence is their competitive distinction having produced over 45 Million powerline networking solutions.

With the devolo Magic/ Mesh range, they have created the world’s fastest solutions combining 2400 Mbps powerline technologies with Mesh Wi-Fi networking, enabling installers to offer ‘fail-safe’ solutions in delivering home connectivity for the whole household.

From the garden offce to the attic or basement, the multitude of new Smart Home devices are hungry for stable connectivity; Multi-award-winning devolo solutions provide a future-proof home network, whilst supporting the latest Fibre broadband options.

devolo cures Weak Wi-Fi especially in buildings with thick brickwork, ceilings, or older irregular infrastructure. Providing powerline speeds up to 2400 Mbps, devolo uses the building’s electricity cabling, offering LAN and Wi-Fi access to any household area – Plug & Play from any power socket!
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Magic 2 WiFi Next Starter Kit
The world’s fastest Powerline solution

  • Multi-user MIMO technology: Simultaneously provide multiple devices with the best possible Wi-Fi
  • Seamless mesh with access point steering: Multiple Magic Wi-Fi adapters form a joint mesh WiFi network for an optimal Powerline connection
  • Simple, expandable, secure: Create a mesh network in seconds thanks to plug and play

Magic 2 WiFi Next Whole Home WiFi Kit
The world’s fastest Powerline solution

  • High-speed Internet directly from your power sockets
  • Magic Wi-Fi adapters connect to form a joint network – no manual connection, no signal interruption, no password hassle
  • Simply connect one Magic adapter to your router, plug additional devolo Magic adapters into your available power sockets and press the button to start the automatic and directly encrypted connection

Mesh WiFi 2 Whole Home WiFi Kit
Mesh Wi-Fi in its best form

  • WiFi ac meets 2400 Mbps Powerline: Perfect Wi-Fi is transmitted to all end devices over two frequencies with secure encryption
  • Adapts to your home - the devolo Mesh WiFi network can be flexibly expanded at any time
  • All devolo units form a coherent network that not only amplifies your router WiFi, but also replaces it optimally – for seamless reception
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Check out devolo’s website by clicking HERE