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Microsoft PCA Accessories
Make hybrid work for your customers

Let Microsoft accessories help your customers adapt to a smarter way to work modern

Your customers deserve the best of both worlds

No matter where your customers work, accessories certified for Microsoft Teams make connecting virtually a seamless, reliable, and rich experience. Microsoft has the modern accessories for focus, connection, and productivity anywhere.
Tools to complete the hybrid workspace
Headsets & Speakers

Microsoft Modern USB-C Headset
Certified for Microsoft Teams, the Modern USB-C Headset features high-quality audio and voice, noise-reducing microphone, and intuitive call controls.

Microsoft Modern USB Headset for Business
Users can connect fast, stay focused and enjoy superior sound quality on Microsoft Teams calls and more with the Microsoft Modern USB Headset for Business.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset
The Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset integrates perfectly with Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices, featuring great quality audio, and lightweight, padded earcups for all-day wear.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset for Business
Certified for Microsoft Teams, this comfortable and reliable headset for business features great audio quality at an exceptional value.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker
Wherever your customers work, they can add reliable, high-quality audio to their workspace with the Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker, for better Microsoft Teams meetings.


Microsoft Modern Webcam
This Certified for Microsoft Teams camera with versatile, easy-to-mount system adds reliable, high-quality video to any workspace.

Microsoft LifeCam 3000
Thanks to the TrueColor Technology, this webcam keeps colours bright and accurate, and users will sound great too since the built-in microphone has acoustic noise-cancellation to help filter out background noise.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is a webcam for business with high-quality 720p HD widescreen video together with crystal clear audio.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio
Ideal for the modern professional who often finds themselves working on-the-go, without a fixed location that they can suitably prep for a conference.

Keyboards & Mice

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard
This Microsoft Designer Compact Wireless Keyboard has a low angle that makes it easy to type and its compact design saves desktop space too.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard reduces fatigue and delivers a refined design with a split keyboard and improved palm rest, plus a time-saving integrated number pad and dedicated function keys.

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse
Light and portable, with a redesigned wheel for great scrolling and dongle-free Bluetooth connectivity, the Modern Mobile Mouse works on virtually any surface thanks to BlueTrack technology.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse
The Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic mouse is light and modern, meeting wireless performance, all-day comfort, and easy navigation on a variety of surfaces.

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