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Philips Touch Screen Solutions

Innovative touch screen
monitors for all scenarios

Philips range of interactive monitors with SmoothTouch technology
are sturdy IP65 water- and dust-resistant front screens, plus the articulating
stand or the optional no stand solutions reducing waste and, making them ideal
for warehousing, packaging or any type of less-than-perfect environment.

Boost Productivity

A sturdy, water-resistant and dust-resistant, anti-glare touchscreen monitor for flexible use anywhere, with articulating stand to fit angles you need. Offering simple and intuitive use across applications, greatly boosts productivity.
Why Philips Touch Monitors?


Philips touch screen are based on Projected Capacitive technology for fluid response, with 10 multiple touch points. This technology is highly durable due to a glass overlay and will work with your finger, some latex gloves and a passive stylus-pen.

Scratch resistance

Our touch screens are covered by a glass overlay and ensures high durability and allows that the touch function keeps working even if the glass is scratched. This glass has 7H resistance, the level of quartz material to ensure protection to your touch monitor.

Smart connect

Our touch monitors are equipped with universal connections: VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort input for digital signal. This helps you connect to any device no matter the connector. Connect via USB in order to enable the touch function.

Water and dust resistant

For less-than-perfect environments, you need a monitor that's designed to hold up to the splashes of water and dust that happen in the everyday world. Philips displays meet the international IP rating for water and dust resistance. It will hold up to the water splashes and dust that happen in the everyday world.

Shop the range

Philips Touch solutions

242B9T | 222B9T | 172B9T | 162B9T

- FHD IPS 23.8” 16:9
- Z-stand type

Philips Non stand touch solutions

242B9TN | 222B9TN | 172B9TN | 162B9TN

- FHD IPS 23.8” 16:9
- USB Hub, Speakers, VESA Mount

Philips Anti glare touch solutions

242B9TL | 172B9TL

- B Line
- 24 (23.8"/60.5 cm diag.)
- 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
- Edge to edge PCAP 10 point touch

VESA Bracket

Transform your Touch Monitor
to an All-In-Solution

Attach Mini PC or NUC to the stand

Compatible with the following models:
Philips BS9B2224TB | Philips 242B9T | Philips 222B9T |
Philips 242B1TC | Philips BA9B1617TB | Philips 172B9T | Philips 162B9T

Transform your Phillips Touch Monitor to
an All-in-one solution, and get the benefit of:

Hardware and software flexibility or Budget optimization

Where to use
Card Back Card Front
Card Back Card Front
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Philips Touch Screen Solutions