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Eaton Toy Force
What we do

Providing business continuity for virtualised, edge and hyperconverged environments.

By bringing together an innovative mix of hardware and software, Eaton offers intelligent integrated solutions helping IT professionals ensure that their data room´s physical infrastructure is reliable, operational performance optimal and continuity of the business is well secured.

Eaton’s Integrated Infrastructure solutions for software-defined data centres

Why trade with us?

With unparalleled knowledge of electrical power management, you can trust Eaton as your single source for comprehensive power management solutions that organise, protect and manage IT environments.

Eaton’s promise


We use our leading tech to help partners solve their customers pain points


We help out partners be profitable by respecting channel pricing and preventing grey-markets
Make it easy

We differentiate ourselves by ensuring transaction are fast, reliable & easy

We ensure a positive customer experience and own issues through to resolution

Trustworthy and friendly

Our goals is to help you win through the pre & post sales cycle, we will support you with speed and consistency. We are your trusted partner.

Our priority is our customers and we support them to find the right solutions for each individual need.

Eaton 5PX Range:

Eaton, 5PX 3000VA 2U Rack/Tower UPS + Netpack
SKU: 10011080

Eaton, 5PX 2200i RT2U Netpack
SKU: 10199051

Eaton, 5PX 1500VA Rack/Tower UPS + Netpack
SKU: 10011076

Eaton, 5PX 3000VA 3U Rack/Tower UPS
SKU: 10011079

Eaton, 5PX 2200i RT2U Netpack
SKU: 10199051

Eaton, 5PX 1500VA Rack/Tower UPS + Netpack
SKU: 10011076
Eaton 9PX Range:

Eaton, 9PX 3000i RT2U Netpack
SKU: 10094030

Eaton, 9PX 3000i RT2U
SKU: 10094021

Eaton, 9PX 1kW Rack/Tower 2U
SKU: 10163388

Eaton, 9PX 6000i RT3U Netpack
SKU: 10017535

Eaton, 9PX 1500i RT2U Netpack
SKU: 10149047

Eaton, 9PX 5000i RT3U Netpack
SKU: 10017533

Eaton, 9PX 2200i RT2U Netpack
SKU: 10094029

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