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Education Campaign landing page

Unlock limitless learning
Acer’s goal is to bring innovative technologies to schools, supporting educators to create the perfect learning environments to develop the skills students need for their future.
Unique ecosystem of partners
Thanks to a network of partners, Acer commit to make learning more effective and engaging.
Comprehensive Portfolio
Acer offers an extensive range of education-friendly tools and devices all designed to foster curiosity and thoroughly engage the classroom.
Best-in Class Service
Acer’s award-winning customer service and support is instrumental in helping schools prevent technical issues from disrupting learning.
Partners focus
Acer’s close-knit network of partners all work to serve the constantly-changing needs of the education community with devices, training, services and support.
Acer cares for the environment at every stage of production, from the design of a new product to the natural end of its useful life.
Learning Beyond the Classroom

The ways people interact, socialise, and work are shifting rapidly, creating an entirely new value system for the leaders of the future. Designed to foster curiosity and thoroughly engage the classroom, Acer’s advanced hardware portfolio and innovative solutions provide the tools students and teachers need today to prepare for tomorrow.