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Operation Innovation
Unique opportunity for teams of students to work together to create the next big thing, giving them insight into working for a leading IT organisation, and enriching their applications for jobs, apprenticeships or further education.
Digital Champions
Fujitsu digital champions are recruited as advisers and advocates from within teaching teams. Driving classroom innovation, these in-house experts increase the understanding of new technologies for all teaching staff and students.
A qualification awarded by Fujitsu to teachers and lecturers who complete modules on technologies that are key for today’s job market. These include Internet of things, programming, cyber security, VR, AI and data analytics.
Fujitsu understand the complexities of integrating new technology with legacy systems. All within a prudent IT budget. The range of cost-effective, secure devices deliver on both performance and durability. They will help you keep up with future technology and take advantage of new digital trends, such as augmented and virtual reality. So, with Fujitsu as your partner, your students and staff will have the best learning experience.
Solutions for Education

Fujitsu continue to invest in modernizing the learning experience through our extensive portfolio of IT solutions for education providers to help facilitate their Digital Transformation journey. We have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer proven, flexible and secure IT solutions focused on improving student outcomes through the enablement of technology.
Student Information Services
Delivers a student-centric service, supporting an entire data ecosystem that extends well beyond student administration.
Digital Transformation Services
To help prioritise your commercial opportunities, and work together with you to co-create the right business models to capitalize on them.
Ambassador Programme
The Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme links educational establishments with a common purpose.
Buddy Connect
Fujitsu use technology to make studying more enjoyable, not just more productive. Take our Buddy Connect app to link new employees with a work buddy.

Thought Leadership - Digital Transformation in Education

Transforming the Student Learning Experience with Technology

Building the Future of Student-Centric Learning

Digital Transformation at work in Education
Recommended Products

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  • A stylish mini PC with ultra-compact design
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  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro. Fujitsu recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.
  • Powerful performance for everyday tasks
  • Rich choice of interfaces
  • Everyday security
  • Reliable connectivity