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Distance learning has quickly become an essential part of every school’s curriculum. Supporting a high-performance remote educational platform requires a rock-solid, converged network infrastructure. This is where we excel.

Ruckus are relied on by thousands of UK schools to deliver high-performance, reliable wired and wireless networks to support the modern classroom. The Ruckus Education Promotion offers great discounts on wireless APs and our management platforms.

Wi-Fi enables classes to continue but allows for more socially-distanced learning, including taking lessons outside the classroom and even outdoors. Many schools had to delay their 2020 networking and refresh projects and will be catching up this Easter and over the summer holidays.


Ruckus have technology partnerships with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, and importantly to us, Lightspeed Systems are a current technology partner of Ruckus.

Lightspeed is an education-only suite of products to safeguard children and maximise the use and RoI of schools’ digital devices, offering solutions such as a dedicated education web filter, app deployment to devices and a platform that helps teachers to keep tabs on their digital classroom. Schools primarily use tablets and mobile-type devices which require a good wireless connection to be able to do things like download and offload apps between lessons or to filter students wherever they are on the school premises.
Ruckus ICX7150

The Ruckus® ICX® 7150 is an enterprise-class Stackable Access Switch. It delivers the performance, flexibility, and scalability required for enterprise access deployment.

The RUCKUS ICX 7150 combines enterprise-class switching features with high performance at entry-level price. The ICX 7150 series of switches are available in three formats: standard, Z-Series with multi-gigabit support, and compact. The switch can operate in fanless mode outside of the wiring closet to provide silent operation for classrooms, hospitality suites, retail sites, hospitals or other noise sensitive environments. The ICX 7150 series supports stack-level high availability and stack level ISSU (In Service Software Upgrade) to ensure service resiliency and business continuity.


The Velocity Promotion offers amazing discounts on the ICX7150 family of access-level switches. Customers buying both wireless and switching benefit from even better discounts.
Recommended for Students and Teachers

Recommended for Students
Students – Learn anytime, anywhere on any digital device. Great school-wide WiFi enables students to continue to learn after lessons and outside the classroom, whether it’s starting homework, continuing to research a topic they found interesting in class, or continuing an independent study project. Our wireless networks are backwards-compatible with historic standards, so students with older devices are not at a disadvantage.

Recommended for Teachers
Teachers – Ruckus is high-performance and reliable at its core. That means teachers can plan lessons to include digital resources, in the confidence that the technology will be there to support this. Many teachers sadly still feel the need to plan a backup lesson in case the network lets them down, which shouldn’t be necessary, wastes the teacher’s valuable time and changing the lesson plan mid-class is very disruptive to teaching and learning. This should not be necessary with an education-grade wireless network.
Good Wi-Fi experience sets base for managing teaching and stimulating learning away from confines of classroom