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Intel - Computing

There’s no doubt that we’ve entered a period of intense change on a global level. The business landscape is shifting at light speed and organizations are already beginning to adjust, though many still have a way to go. Learn how Intel are assisting with the changes of today.

Here are some of the new methods and approaches that Intel are supporting with:

Agile development
or “scrumming”

Enabling people to come together and work in a focused,
collaborative, and iterative manner, such as
“swarming” on a problem.

Emphasis on
nonroutine work

Recognizing that high value work comes from employees’
creativity, market insights, personal networking, and ability to
influence others, while understanding that repetitive,
routine work will become more automated.


Attracting and retaining the right talent by providing
the most effective and flexible work environment. This
is especially true for attracting millennials.

the workplace

Understanding that work is no longer a place people go to,
but something they do, and empowering those people to be
productive anytime, anywhere, without limitations.

Shortening meeting
times by 10 mins

Providing online
exercise classes

Providing support for
mental health

New CPU and graphics engines, enhanced AI capabilities and best-in-class connectivity
work together to deliver boundary-breaking performance. Meet 11th Gen Intel® Core™
mobile processors with Intel® Iris® X graphics.