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Overland Tandberg
Overland Tandberg
Storage solutions with innovation built-in

Overland-Tandberg is a multifaceted global technology company, serving over 100+ countries with 5+ million products shipped to corporations and governments around the world. Celebrating 40 years in operations while pursuing Excellence Through Global Intellect and Inclusiveness, we are empowering businesses, large and small, to securely manage and protect their digital assets and people.
Our mission is to distribute sustainable and scalable worldwide solutions to ensure business continuity. Our fully integrated global supply chain is a differentiator in the industry, allowing for the most effective forward logistics, as well as the innovation and efficiency we facilitate in our reverse logistics.
Providing exceptional products and services to many of the most recognized industry leaders in the world, we have an extensive suite of Hybrid Cloud and Client Cloud solutions based on our RDX and NEO patented technology. Our architecture includes data management, data protection and business continuity offerings. We provide overarching solutions to Fortune corporations, Governments, globally recognised enterprises and thousands of small and medium enterprises (SME), as well as small and medium businesses (SMB).
XL40 Promo

NEOxl40 3u/32-slot base/1-drive/LTO7 SAS

NEOxl40 3u/32slot base/1drive/LTO7 DP FC

NEOxl40 3u/32slot base/1drive/LTO7 DP FC

NEOxl 40 3u/40-slot base/1-drive/LTO8 dual-port FC
Quikstation 4 Promo

RDX QuikStation 4 1GbE Disk Library Rack

Rdx 2Tb Cartridge (Single)

Transportation Case for 10 RDX Media
OverlandCare Warranty

EW-XL40GLD3UP OverlandCare Gold Warranty 3 Yr. Uplift, NEOxl 40 Base